12 sep

Daniel V.

"Great place to start or even revert back to your judo ways, I practice along side with my two daughter. Thank to their program both and myself as well are learning so much judo! Personally I highly recommend join kaizen, the benefits are beyond endless, not to mention the family like environment is very welcoming!"

30 may

D. G

"My son Joseph loves this place. It taught him discipline, and has such an inviting and fun learning atmosphere. Unfortunately my job has moved to nights, and I am no longer able to take him. As soon as I change shifts, I will most definitely be taking him back here. This is a highly skilled Judo school, that I am so glad I found. Thank you for treating my son like family."

8 sep

Alex G.

"Great place where you can take your kids and do Judo for all ages and all skilled levels. Saeid Sensei is a highly skilled Judoka who has a passion for teaching Judo to all his students. This place has a friendly environment and it’s the only Judo Dojo I know that is open every day!!"

12 jun

Isabel H.

"Kaizen Judo Kai is just the right place to be and practice judo. Here you're just surrounded by awesome people like the Sensei and his wife, with a very supporting environment and fun atmosphere. Everyday I learn how to grow as person that I achieve to become. This place has really changed my life!"


  • Saeid Sensei has been trainnig in Classic, Combative and No-Gi Judo for over 36 years, and currently holding the 3rd Degree black belt from the US Judo Federation. He finished first in Winter National Judo Championship, and Califonia State Games.
  • He studies modern methods of teaching Judo constantly and has developed an effective program for all ages over the past 12 years of teaching Judo. learn more...

Join Saeid Sensei in his life-long passionate journey of understanding and implementing the two principals of Judo: Seiryoku-Zenyo (Maximum Efficiency - Minimum Effort) and Jita-Kyoei (Mutual Welfare and benefit) The principle of the Maximum Efficiency in Use of Mind and Body. On this principle the whole fabric of the art and science of judo is constructed. ~Jigoro Kano

Kaizen Judo Kai 2020 Calendar

Judo Tournament - Las Vegas, NV

29 february

Taishi Judo Club 9th Annual Tournament

15 march

Golden State Open, West Covina CA

30-31 may

California State Games, San Diego CA

12 july

Nikkei Games, Long Beach CA

9 august

Summer Break - Kaizen Judo Kai Closed

9/8 - 9/21 September

Judo All Women’s Tournament, Riverside CA

11 october

Winter Nationals, Azusa CA

5 december
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