Saeid Sensei

Saeid Sensei


Saeid Sensei

Judo Head Coach

Seaid Sensei started practicing Judo at a very young age. He has fallen in love with the art after watching an instructional video of Kimura on TV and went on to search for a Judo club all by himself. He was the only kid in an adult class and needless to say that he has been quite good at break-falls ever since. He has been trainnig in Classic, Combative and No-Gi Judo for over 36 years, and currently holding the 3rd Degree black belt from the US Judo Federation. He studies modern methods of teaching Judo constantly and has developed an effective program for all ages over the past 12 years of teaching Judo. Saeid Sensei participates in tournaments and has received gold medals from California State Games and Winter Nationals in the master's division.

Current RANKS & Degrees

  • 3rd Degree Judo Black Belt - US JUDO Federation
  • National Coach - US Judo Federation
  • Certified Safe Sport - US Judo Federation
  • Concussion In Youth Sports - US Judo Federation (CDC)
  • HEADS UP Youth Sports - US Judo Federation


  • 1st Place - Judo Winter Nationals - Masters‘ Division
  • 1st Place - California States Games - Masters‘ Division

If you'd like to train with Saeid Sensei at KAIZEN JUDO KAI, call (619) 333-8373 or email us today to set up your appointment!

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